Deux tiers des publicités en programmatique en 2020 d’après Borell Associates

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A study from new media advertising agency Borrell Associates is predicting that the move towards programmatic advertising will ramp up over the next five years.

In its 2015 to 2020 Local Programmatic Advertising report, the agency found that in 2014, 4.7% of all locally placed digital advertising was done through programmatic automated buying-and-selling networks. By the end of 2015 this figure is expected to rise to 10%, which, says the company, means that $5 billion of digital ad-buying at the local level will be handled by computerised bidding. Yet this is just the beginning, said Borrell, which predicts that in five years’ time, most targeted banners and streaming video ads will be bought and sold via computerised bidding. Most importantly, it forecasts that the dollar volume to grow tenfold in that period.

viaTwo-thirds of streaming ads to be programmatic by 2020 | Online Video | News | Rapid TV News.

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