Après son annonce de bénéfices records, le business de la TV pourrait être le prochain focus d’Apple

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Apple is still trying to crack the TV business, and its earnings numbers this week provide a decent case for attempting to do so. It reported earnings of $74 billion for its fiscal first quarter — meaning that it earned more money in one quarter than any company in history. Furthermore, Apple sold 74.4 million phones in Q1 alone, in a smartphone market that is growing at the rather impressive rate of 25%. But, and it’s a big but, it also has lost 2% market share in the last three years. According to Harvard Business Review, Apple is actually in an unenviable position: It has become an incumbent, falling back on the same-old-same-old, which, while working, can only take it so far. “By dazzling us with dollars, it seems that Apple’s leaders are deliberately trying to divert our attention,” Harvard professor Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere writes.

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