Pourquoi l’engagement est un bien meilleur indicateur de performance que le nombre de vidéos vues

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The growth of online video consumption is staggering, and continues to show no sign of slowing down. With YouTube and Facebook alone, well over five billion videos are watched every single day. Given the rapid growth, it’s no surprise that brands and advertisers have quickly adapted to using video ads as the means of reaching and connecting with consumers. To measure their investment in these video ads, most advertisers are using the easiest and most simple way they know – counting video views – but the number of times a video was watched, whether partially or in its entirety, doesn’t actually mean much. 
Pre-roll is the most common way advertisers are buying video ads today. However, according to a study by research firm MetrixLab, 94% of viewers skip pre-roll ads. For the few consumers who don’t skip the ad, more often than not they are simply ignoring it. So how much weight should an advertiser place on the value of video views?

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