5 outils de SEO à utiliser AVANT de publier une vidéo sur YouTube

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In most cases, the most visible part of the video search listing is the video thumbnail. But it’s not the only element that can make your video more prominent in the search results. When I search YouTube, I usually pay more attention to the title, for relevance, and also to the description. The title and description play an important part in both the YouTube search and “related videos” algorithms, and the more relevant and optimized they are, the more chances your videos have of being visible to your target audience. YouTube videos rank well in Google’s Universal Search results as well – especially for “how-to” queries where users are likely to be interested in video instructions. Clear, relevant, optimized video titles and descriptions will stand out to the user, enticing them to click through and watch your content. Take the example below, the key term searched for was ‘how to play piano’, and the results returned highlighted that phrase in bold, allowing me to quickly skim through results to pick the one with a more eye-catching and relevant description.

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